Karl Strauss Brewery Restaurant

Karl Strauss Brewery Restaurant
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Excellent place for a beer and burger as the waitress said you really need to be a beer lover to come to this establishment. It is a brewery and the chef uses different types of Karl Strauss beer in many of the  menu items, even in the desserts! We found the new one that just opened in Temecula off the I-15.

Upon walking in, the feeling is both cozy and austere in a way with it’s mix of aged wood and metal. It has a modern feel, but yet the wood makes it feel comfortable and inviting. Half the restaurant was out door patio complete with fire pits.

I ordered the Big Beer Burger. This is their signature burger basted with Karl Strauss Amber, topped with Red Trolley Ale onions, IPA mushrooms, beer-brined bacon, gruyere, tomato, lettuce. It is served with IPA steak sauce and also comes with fries. I must say this may have been the best burger ever. It came exploding from the plate with lots of beer-ness. The bacon was the hit. Very well done! I was a bit disappointed in the mushrooms as they tasted like canned, but I think it has to do with that they were soaked in IPA. Portabellos would have been my choice. Being a Hop Head I made a beeline to the Big Barrel Double IPA. It has an IBU of 90 and I was not let down. My nostrils and tastebuds took in the piney Warrior hops with New Zealand-grown Nelsons with glee. They only come in 22 ounce bombers, but for me that was still two beers worth and was completely satisfied.

We were too full to try the desserts, but we will be back because they have beer floats which I have never tried. What intrigued us the most was there Beeramisu, a Tiramisu made with Karl Strauss Stout soaked ladyfingers, dusted with cocoa powder, and served with chocolate and Red Trolley caramel sauce. This is really hard to imagine so we have to come back and try it.

The waitress was very nice, speedy and knowledgable. They definitely know how to hire and train their staff.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company
40868 Winchester Rd
Temecula, CA 92591


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