J Carter’s Tavern Grill

J Carter’s Tavern Grill
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North of Temecula you will find Murrieta Hot Springs Road which is also where you will find J Carter’s Tavern Grill. We heard about this place in the local music rags as a place to go see local bands, but it was lunch time and we wanted to check out the food. Inside it is nice and cozy with dark wood furniture and floors.

According to the waitress, this place gets packed in the evenings for dinner and then afterwards for the live music. Lucky for them they have ample parking in the vacant lot next door. They have a great selection on tap. There is a wide variety of lagers ales, browns, reds and a stout. Full spectrum if you ask me. I particularly like that they have¬† seven good IPAs available.¬† I was familiar with all the IPAs they had, but for today I choose the Stone Ruination. So far, I can say that I do like the prices here at J Carter’s. For example the 22 oz frosty mug I ordered was only five dollars. Good quality for a little less than the guy down the street.

They have fresh baked buns that they hand out while wait for your meal. They have a sweet whipped butter. Let’s just say you need to save your appetite. The menu has a variety to choose from as well. But since I am on a strict beer and burger diet, I went with the Burger melt. Which had two cheeses melted on a burger on a sour dough bun. It was delightful.

The waitress was very prompt and friendly. I would highly recommend J Carter’s if you a passing by the 215 and Murrietta Hot Springs exit. Can’t wait to come back for the live music.

J Carter’s Tavern Grill
40365 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd
Murrieta, CA 92563


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