House of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer

House of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer
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Looking for something special in Laguna Beach, we found House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer. Don’t let the name fool ya, they do have burgers too. It’s a sunny happy place with a pretty good view of the ocean. It sits upon the second floor of this little mall on the South Coast Highway. The Wyland Gallery is just across the street. I ordered a the Blackened Ahi Avocado Sandwich. OK, I know its really a fish burger but I needed a break from beef. However, technically my wife ordered the Sirloin Burger and I ended up helping her finish that. Both were excellent. While the prices are manageable you have to remember this is Laguna. I was a little disappointed that fries were extra but, seeing that it is primarily a seafood place I suppose you can mix and match your entries and sides. I don’t know.

One thing that I think all B&Bs need to do is leave their beer list on the table so that you can pine over the next selection. Here, they have the menu as a place mat and on the other side was the beer list. Hurray! The first beer that I ordered was the Mermaid’s Red Ale from the Coronado Brewing Company. This was a special offering on the chalk board and not part of their beer list. I enjoyed it. It was smooth, a bit citric which I expected. Some compare it to a better version of Fat Tire. My second choice was the Hop Head Red Ale from Green Flash Brewing Co. This one was a lot more hoppier than the first and maybe even more enjoyable. A great way to wrap up lunch!

It is a casual environment with a relaxed seafood house setting, sustainable fresh fish, healthy farm-to-table offerings and a large beer selection including great local crafts. I would love to visit this place again to try more.

House of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer
540 South Coast Highway #200
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715.4500


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