The Salted Pig

The Salted Pig
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Located right down town Riverside California, The Salted Pig is a great place to get your B&B on. That is Beer and Burger. First, they have a great selection of draft and bottled beer to match anyone’s taste. Second the burgers are awesome.

The ambiance is urban but the lighting is a bit dim. This is because they have those old fashion light bulbs hanging from the ceiling . The kind that the filament wires glow through the clear glass. It’s cool of course.

The first beer I ordered was the Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA. Ok, if you haven’t figured out by now I am a big Stone beer fan. This one was first brewed in 2011 in collaboration with brewers Baird and Ishii. It has a smooth herbal taste and actually tastes like green tea.

For the burger I ordered The Pig 2.2, omg this is one heavenly burger made with double smoked bacon marmalade, popcorn shoots and citrus. They do cook their burgers on the rare side so order accordingly. The burgers are not really large so while they are very satisfying, you can’t really split them with a friend if you were afraid of eating too much.

You have a choice of fries or salad. In this case, I recommend taking the salad for a superior flavor experience. This is an arugula salad with a pomegranate vinaigrette, simply awesome. This also sets up your pallet for the burger.

The second beer ordered was the Avery Maharaja double IPA from Avery Brewing Company in Colorado. This is a hop bomb, but smooth and delicious. They say the IBU is 102, I didn’t think is was overly bitter at all. Flavorful yes!

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