Jennings & Co.

Jennings & Co.
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While bumming around Wisconsin Rapids I was hard pressed to find a descent bar and grill that was open on a Friday and serves an IPA on tap. Well, I hit pay dirt when I found Jennings & Co. by 1st street and Jackson Street in the old town part of Wisconsin Rapids.

It’s a cozy bar and restaurant with plenty of seating and the familiar neon bar signs hanging on the wall. I asked the bartender “What do you have on tap that is in the direction of an IPA?” and she says “Dogfish”, which I responded “You are my best friend!”. She couldn’t believe my enthusiasm. Well, I was impressed that a bar in an old town in the middle of Wisconsin and 20 minutes from a freeway would have an IPA on tap, let a lone Dogfish. They get super kudos for their beer choice. Yes there were other tap beers. From what I see on their Facebook page, they have tap takeovers from time to time.

Jennings & Co. has an awesome menu too. Many types of burgers and sandwiches. It was Friday, so my wife ordered the Jennings Fish Fry. She gives it a thumbs up. I ordered the Big Tex which is composed of a 1/3 pound beef from Hereford, topped with pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, curly fried onions and BBQ sauce on a Kaiser roll bun. Very delicious and very filling. The burger comes with kettle chips and a pickle spear. I was delighted.

I was very glad to find a landing place here in Rapids as I have in similar towns. A favorite go to spot.

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