Congregation Ale House (Long Beach)

Congregation Ale House (Long Beach)
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Feeling the need to go to church? We got the place. At the Congregation in Long Beach. This chapter is maybe smaller than the Pasadena one, but rest assured they have a huge selection of craft beers to try that will please anybody’s taste. Their signature is the arched stained glass behind the bar. The menu is simple, but high end. You order and pay at the cashier. Take the order number flag to your table. There are a variety of different places to make yourself cozy while you ogle all the wild beer signs.

We ordered the ribeye cheeseburgers which come with Belgian styled fries. They have about eight different dipping sauces to choose from. Get something different from your friend so you can try a couple. The dipping sauces are a very good upgrade from plain ol ketchup. The burgers were delicious as they came topped with arugula mixed greens, grilled onions, roasted roma tomato on their freshly baked bread. They are smaller than other burgers we’ve had, but they are not expensive and we were more than satisfied.

I asked the cashier which was the most popular beer there, and while they do rotate their beer list, on the day we were there, it was “Three Chords & the Truth”. This was something developed in collaboration with New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins Colorado. It was dark IPA, very smooth. When the burgers came out I ordered another beer. I was torn between Blind Pig from Russian River, which is also very popular, and Levitation from Stone Brewery. I am a fan of Stone so I went with Levitation. I will definitely be back to try the Blind Pig. Levitation was good too and I got it because I really like red ales.

They have two other Congregation Chapters. One in Pasadena and another in Azusa. They even have a Monday Mass all day with reduced prices on burgers, beer and well drinks. That said, they also have Midnight Mass Sunday through Thursday and Mid-day Mass Monday-Friday 3pm to 7pm. This is a great place to hang out with friends before or after an event or work.

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